Saturday, October 23, 2010


I have always loved beautiful white bars of soap. Unfortunately, with natural colorants pure white is not that easy to produce. So I decided that it was time to try titanium dioxide for the first time. I have been a bit puzzled about the titanium dioxide. Some say that it is a natural colorant but I doubt that those that are sold in stores are in fact synthetic. That's why I probably will not use it anymore, but it was interesting to try!

These are all oven hot process soaps made with the jojoba wax recipe. In the picture the first bar on the left is from a batch in which I mixed the titanium dioxide diluted in small amount of water after the cook.

Then I wanted to have a more even color and made another batch where I added it in the oils before mixing in the lye solution. I was a bit worried if it would speed up the trace, but that didn't happen.

I wanted to compare the result with some natural colorant. I had read from several sources that also Kaolin clay gives white color. The one on the right has Kaolin clay added before the cook. The color is not even close to white! It is tan or maybe even beige and after it cured it actually became even darker. I wonder if there are different qualities of Kaolin that would produce different tones. Also, the weirdest thing happened, the batch with Kaolin came out really soft. I have no idea why!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


We agreed with Ambra and Jen to work on orange color. Check out their experiments, they're just great!

Here is my first experiment. I decided to try a new recipe that I plan to use for a shampoo bar. The soap traced fast, but it didn't seize so I had plenty of time to add the clays and betacarotene little by little to get the color right.


35% Castor oil
25% Mango butter
20% Avocado oil
15% Coconut oil
5% Jojoba wax (solid flakes)

Beta-carotene paste
1 tsp Pink Argiletz clay
1 tsp Red Argiletz clay

8% superfat

I diluted the clays in a small amount of avocado oil to ensure that it would disperse evenly into the soap batter.

At trace I added a couple of drops of betacarotene into the entire batch. Then I poured half of it into a mold. In the other half I wanted to see the difference of using Pink or Red Argiletz clay. So, I added the Pink Argiletz clay and poured most ot the soap into a mold. Into the remainings, I added the Red Argiletz clay.

In the picture the small yellow bar of soap is the one with only betacarotene. The upper part of the bigger bar is the one with pink clay and the bottom stripe is the one with the red clay added also.