Friday, February 3, 2012

Salt soap with Himalayan salt

It's been a while since my last post. Please check out our business blog for more frequent posts. It has been very busy with the soaping business. It seems that at every fair we sell out our whole inventory and then we panic and try to make more as quickly as we can. Only to sell out at again at the next fair. So unfortunately, the webshop inventory is embarrassingly limited all the time.

This is something I made today. It's my regular salt soap with some Himalayan salt sprinkled on top of it. I padded the Himalayan salt a little with a spatula so that it would stick into the soap. We'll see in a few days how that's going to work out. I scented the soap with Palmarosa, Rosewood and the adorable Rose Absolute. I also added some Bergamot as a fixative. Suvi has used a similar blend before and I think the Bergamot gives a nice edge to the blend.