What would be more wonderful than a handcrafted  pink clay soap? The oils used in this recipe are beneficial for sensitive, dry and prematurely aged skin. The bar contains rejuvenating moisturizing oils and the pink argiletz clay leaves a silky feeling on the skin.


350g Apricot Kernel Oil
250g Shea Butter
150g Cocoa Butter
150g Coconut Oil
100g Castor Oil

2tblsp Rose Argiletz Clay
10g Paradise FO by Gracefruit

130g NaOH
275ml water

Oven hot process
temp. 110C for 90 minutes

You might want to increase the amount of water up to 375ml. I am not sure why, but the soap almost came out of the pot a couple of times in the oven. I usually check the soap every 15 minutes when it is the oven. This time I really didn't see the soap gel and it was hard to say if it was ready or not. Adding a little more water in the recipe might solve this problem. Anyway, that's why I ended up keeping it in the oven for 90 minutes. The next day the pH of this batch was 9, so the saponification must have happened even though I did not clearly see it.


  1. hei Heidi! Olet mestari tekemään saippuaa ja aivan huippuhienoja kuvia näistä tuotteistasi!

    Tämä ko. saippua näyttää kauniilta jo pelkän värinsä puolesta ja antaa ihanan tuoksun kylppäriin ja itse käytössä toimii toki oikein hyvin myös!
    terv. Elisa


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