400g canola oil (rapeseed)
242g cocoa butter
227g coconut oil
50g castor oil

300ml water
128g Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH)

10g Mai Tai FO
1/4 red crayon

Method: Oven hot process

I usually measure the oils first and then calculate the lye to meet the actual measurements. So if the measurements don't exactly meet my original idea I just adjust the amount of lye. If you prefer nice round numbers like 240g cocoa butter and 230g coconut oil, use 129g lye to reach the same 5% lye discount as I did with this recipe.

I used only 10g of FO, but the scent came out extremely strong and lasting. I had never before tried to color soap with crayons, so I shaved about 1/4 of a red crayon into my melted oils. Just to see how it would turn out. The color came out as delicate peach. Now after 6 weeks, the bars are not too hard with really nice texture, lather is creamy and generous. The pH is 9. For delicate and dry skin, the soap cleanses maybe too effectively. I use it myself in the kitchen or bathroom. I am now sending out a few bars for my friends to test. Can't wait to hear how they like it!