75% Olive Oil
20% Cocoa Butter
5% Castor Oil

28% water as percent of oil weight
7% super fat

In 1200g oils:
3tblsp Green Argiletz Clay
5g Lavender Woods FO

Cold process

I  wanted to try how to make layered soap. To make things even more exciting, I didn't use any of the recipes I had already tried before... This one should be extremely gentle and mild: Soap Calc gives cleansing 0, conditioning 74, bubbly 5 and creamy 25. Instead of using 100% Olive oil, I added some Castor oil to make the soap more bubbly. However, I can't remember anymore what was behind the idea to add some Cocoa Butter into this and now I am a bit worried that the soap might become too slimy. Now it's going to be a long six weeks' wait until I'll be able to try out how the soap feels.

To the actual process then. When I had a light trace, I divided the batch into three separate bowls. To the first bowl I added 2 tblsp of green argiletz clay and mixed it up with a stick blender until I had a thick trace and poured it into the mold. Next, I added 1 tblsp of green clay into the second bowl and mixed that with a stick blender until thick trace. As soon as I got the second one into the mold, the remaining bowl with no color had become quite thick already, so I just mixed it up a bit by hand and poured it into the mold.

When all the soap was in the mold, it was already thick enough to play with the top. To get nice swirls I used a 2 mm bamboo dp knitting needle. The next day it was still very soft, so I threw it into the freezer for a couple of hours and cut it while frozen. After that the bars hardened quite quickly. All in all, making layered soap wasn't all that easy, but the result seems to be definitely worth the try though.

In the picture, that yellow area is not DOS. It is a shadow, there is no yellow in the soap. 


  1. voisko näistä tehdä pyöreitä pikkusaippuoita ja sitten noi kiehkurat siihen päälle?

  2. Periaatteessa onnistuisi, mutta silloin geelivaihe jäisi väliin (lämmönhukan vuoksi) ja kypsyminen kestäisi vielä kauemmin. Täytyypä kokeilla!

  3. vielä kivempi olisi tietty jos ne kiehkurat saisi jokapuolelle mutta sitten pitäisi olla kiehkurallinen muotti!

  4. I love the swirl on this soap! I hope to try cold-press some day.

  5. Thank you so much Lisa! By the way, your cupcake soaps are really cute.


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