This soap recipe has a very large amount of coconut oil, which makes it effectively cleansing but also a bit drying. Together with Castor oil, the Coconut oil contributes to generous bubbly and creamy lather. I use this soap for hands only.


300g Coconut Oil
250g Castor Oil
200g Canola Oil (rapeseed)
170g Olive Oil

250g water
129g NaOH (= 5% super fat)
~ 5g Chocolate Truffle FO by Gracefruit

Oven hot process
temp. 110C for 60 minutes

The Chocolate Truffle FO has an adorable scent and it discolours very dark brown. I only had some remainings of the FO left, maybe about 5g. Even though the batch was quite large, the colour came out very dark. The marble like texture of oven hot process soap and unevenly swirled FO created quite a nice look.


  1. Hey Heidi, thanks for the samples you sent me, one of them is the chocolate soap and it is lovely; the odor of it is lovely in bathroom and is very soft for my pretty dry skin..... I have also tried "The true princess' shower bar and like it as well. I should try to make these as well... somewhen :)

    Have you tried orange or lemon pieces in soap? I've been using "kuori" ..what is it in english? when I've been making chocolate, it works well there, how about in soap?

    All the best! Milla

  2. I haven't yet tried orange or lemon peel in soap. I know that it is possible though. The problem is that when the orange peel is in contact with the lye, the scent and color will not remain the same. However, orange and yellow pieces in dark brown soap would look really nice. Thanks for the idea Milla! I'am going to try to create that kind of look.


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