This soap doesn't have any fragrance or colourants! I am starting to believe that it's all the synthetic additives in the soap that usually make my skin dry and itchy. This recipe has a very high amount of coconut and the Soap Calc gives 18 for cleansing. Still, this soap doesn't make my hands dry at all. Another thing I like about this recipe is that the soap rinses off very well. I originally made this for my DH who doesn't want anything sticky or creamy on his skin.

270g (30%) Olive oil
270g (30%) Apricot Kernal oil
243g (27%) Coconut oil
117g (13%) Shea butter

280ml water
120g NaOH (=10% superfat)

Calendula (Marigold) petals

Oven hot process


  1. This was a nice soap, leaves the skin very silky. I might leave out the petals though.

  2. Thanks! For some reason I seem to be obsessed with calendula petals :) You are probably right that this one would be better without them.


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