25% Apricot Kernel Oil
25% Cocoa Butter
25% Coconut Oil
25% Wheat Germ Oil

10% superfat
Oatmeal, milk & honeay FO
Rose clay

Cold process

The story of this soap started when I watched Billie & Wayne's excellent tutorial  on how to make a two color swirl using a PVC pipe and a divider. I didn't have a PVC pipe so I decided to improvise a little... I used a 1.5 liter milk carton and cut a divider from another milk carton.

Everything was going just fine until just before reaching trace I noticed a crack in my old faithful stick blender. The crack was in the stickpart and something dark brown was coming out of it into my soap!  I really really regretted putting the expensive oils into this one recipe. Although the batch was already ruined, I continued anyway just to try how the swirls would turn out.

I divided the batch and mixed the FO into the first one and clay into the other. I wasn't quick enough and the soap was already quite thick when I started pouring. By the way, the milk carton divider worked fine! Because the soap was really thick at this point, it was impossible to get decent swirls anymore. Still I tried to make some to see how they would came out. Since the swirl wasn't successful, I cut the batch into little hearts with a gingerbread mold (and of course the mold broke while I was doing it). 

Even though about all that can go wrong did, the soap feels really good. Too bad there is stick blender engine oil in it so I can't give it to anyone for testing.