I'm in love!

I never knew that my skin could feel so good. Salt soap is awesome! There are several recipes available online for salt soap. I tried the one with 100% coconut oil and used an equal amount of salt and oil.

500g Coconut oil
190g water
74g NaOH (=20% superfat)

500g sea salt
1tsp rose clay
10g Vanilla Bean FO

Cold process

I mixed the lye water and oils when both were 30C. At medium trace I first added the FO and then salt. I stirred with hand until thick trace and poured into a 1.5 litre milk carton. I left it at room temperature for about 10 hours. I cut it too late as you see in the picture. It got so hard that it was impossible to cut it into smaller pieces anymore. I also think that the salt I used was too coarse. I'm going to try more finely ground salt the next time.


  1. this did not work for me unfortunately. Too drying maybe?


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