270g (30%) Olive oil
270g (30%) Apricot Kernal oil
243g (27%) Coconut oil
117g (13%) Shea butter

280ml water
120g NaOH (=10% superfat)
10g Sarsaparilla FO
Green Clay (Illite)

Oven hot process

This soap has a masculine Sarsaparilla scent . The recipe is the one I planned for my DH and that's why I named the soap "superhero"... I know, it doesn't look like a superheros soap. It said in the FO that it would discolour to tan. So I pictured tan to be much darker than this. I already have plans how I'm going to fix the looks to be more dramatic on the next batch. It's going to involve some activated charcoal and annatto powder...


  1. Very gentle and nice. I tried it today and I found it very satisfactory. Thanks for the sample.

  2. Thank you for testing it! I'm pleased to hear you liked it.

  3. ehm, my DH would NOT like to encourage your soap making, BUT...he's run out of superhero again! :-D


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