Coconut oil 40%
Canola oil (rapeseed) 30%
Beeswax 20%
Cocoa Butter 10%

38% water as percentage of oil weight
20% Super Fat

Oven hot process

Beeswax soap is one of my favourites. Among other beneficial qualities it is healing, soothing and moisturizing. Beeswax gives soap a nice colour and a delightful honey scent. When my skin gets really irritated, this soap soothens it very quickly. Note that this recipe contains a larger quantity of beeswax than most of the beeswax soap recipes you can find online. This soap does feel sticky at first, but if you give it enough time to cure it will be lovely.


  1. Oh wow! I was thinking of doing some beeswax soap (maybe 10-15%). Those look great for being hot process- mine are always less smooth. The color is amazing.

  2. Thanks Amanda! I use 1.5 litre milk cartons as upright log molds which give very smooth soap even if the soap was a little chunky when I stuff it into the mold. I've tried individual molds and smaller log molds both resulting in very rough fugly soap.

  3. wow! 20% superfatting? I don't think I have ever gone beyond 15% and those soaps were so soft and didn't keep very long. I usually superfat at 7-8%, anything lower is too drying for me. I know some soapers move around 5% and eventhough the soaps are lovely in lather they are way too drying for me to use

  4. I usually super fat 5-7% if I have very low percentage of coconut oil. If I use higher amounts of coconut oil I have to super fat 10-20% or it is too drying for me. I think that the trick here is that there is 70% hard oils in the recipe. Therefore the soap is not that soft even though it has 20% sf.

  5. And how is the shelf life in the ones that are 20% superfatted?

  6. I am a hobby soaper and do not sell my soap anywhere. That's why I make only small batches that are used in 3-4 months. So I'm not able tell how much longer the soap would be ok.

    I read about high sf soaps first time at The Dish Forum. There are some people using high sf who do sell their soap and would probably consider shelf life a critical factor. Anyway, the shelf life for higher superfatted soap is definetly shorter than soap with lower superfat.

  7. Hello. I'm new to soap making and I was wondering if you had instructions on your oven methods with this particular recipe. Any info would be extremely helpful! Thanks so much for the recipe! I'm excited to try it!


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