This is my first experiment with embedded soap. I cut thin sticks of the True Princess Shower Bar and embedded them into a cold process soap. The pink color is from rose clay. I didn't have tweezers or anything to pick up the sticks so I ended up having raw soap inside my gloves which made me swear that I'd never make another soap again. But I think the result was worth all the trouble!

The recipe for this soap has cocoa butter, olive oil, canola and shea butter. The texture is really nice but it produced an unbelievable amount of ash! So I don't give any percentages because there is no point for anyone to replicate this recipe.

As liquids, I used 67% coconut milk and 33% water. First, I combined the liquids and then added 1tsp of sugar per pound of oil. Then I put the bucket into ice and kept the temperature at 20 C degrees or below while adding the lye. It took 75 minutes to mix all the lye into the liquids without the temperature raising too much! At least, I didn't scorch the sugar and milk. The soap is really sudsy and lathers like crazy!


  1. I can't wait to try this one!

  2. Hi! Thank you for posting recipes. They look AWESOME. I have recently tried making salt soaps, but haven't tried using one of the ones I made yet.... still waiting for them to cure. They sweat like crazy! Do yours? Another thing that really impresses me about your recipes is that they have no Palm Oil! I have some great recipes with Palm Oil but have decided that I want to move away from it, because ethically I do not feel right about it. So I have been developing new recipes. Any tips? xo Jen

  3. Hi Jen! Thank you so much for the compliments! My salt bars don't sweat at all. I think it's probably because the winter was very cold and dry here. It'll be interesting to see how it changes in the summer when it'll be very humid. What comes to palm oil, I have exactly the same reason as you for not using it. I made the decision when I started soap making and therefore haven't even tried it. I'd like to try it though if I find a supplier of sustainably sourced palm oil.


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