This is salt soap! I read at NAKIN blog about making salt soap with only 30% coconut oil. I didn't dare to go that low so I used 50% coconut oil.  I wanted to try non-scented and non-coloured soap so I used 20% beeswax and French clay. The scent is very delicate. I think it smells like summer.

I made a little miscalculation and accidentally used 50% liquid as percent of oil weight, oops... Thanks to my mistake, I had no trouble with cutting the soap this time! I cut about 40 minutes after the soap had gelled. I used for the first time my new silicone log mold that I bought on eBay and I am quite happy with it.

I made this yesterday so I can't yet say if it's good or not. I tried it a little, just enough to know that at least it is sudsy.

200g Coconut oil
120g Canola oil
80g Beeswax
200g fine sea salt
100ml water
100ml coconut cream
49g NaOH (= 15% super fat)
2 tsp French Clay

Cold process


  1. That sounds like a great mistake! I look forward to hearing how the soap turns out to be when it has cured. Do post when the time comes. This sounds like it could be a great recipe.

  2. A little update on this one. At first, the lather was quite poor. Now that it has cured for 4 months it has turned out to be wonderful. Lots of small bubbles and nice stable lather.


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