WOW! What a sudsy soap. I think I have found my new favourite oil, sesame!

Some time ago in Finland we had stevedores' strike and as the result the stores ran out of olive oil (except the really expensive ones of course). I had a compelling urge to make some soap so I had to choose from a very limited selection of oils. I picked up a sesame oil made of roasted sesame seeds. The oil was deep dark brown and I was intrigued how it would behave in soaping.

Well, it was not easy. While I was stickblending it happened several times that I had trace which soon dissolved. I stickblended more, had a trace and again it dissolved. After some pretty serious stickblending I had a trace which I considered not to be false. I put the pot in the oven and everything seemed to go on just fine. I kept checking it about every 5 minutes. Suddenly after 30 minutes the soap appeared to be completely separated! I took it out of the oven and stirred slowly by hand and after a while managed to get it together again. Still, the soap was worth all the trouble.

40 % Sesame oil
26% Coconut oil
17% Canola oil
17% Cocoa Butter

10% Super Fat
30% water as percent of oil weight
8% coconut milk as percent of oil weight (added after the cook)

Oven hot process


  1. That is a really nice and natural colour. I am intrigued by the fact that you use hot process so often. That is something that I haven't tried yet. It just seems so much work! But the soaps look lovely.

  2. That's one good bar of soap there..well done!

  3. Thank you!! I guess that I use hot process becaus I'm so impatient :-)

  4. This just could bet THE Soap. Really nice, I like the fact that it is so soft, and although we have really hard water here you manage to get nice smooth lather. And the ooh feeling it leaves after the shower, no more itchy skin for me! The fact that there is no scented oil in this leaves that yummy sesame smell uncovered. I have almost finished the bar you sent to me.

  5. I've always had to keep sesame oil in the fridge to keep it from going rancid and that has made me wonder if it would spoil soap quickly, too. Did you hang on to any bars and see how they fared?

  6. Yes, I have few bars left. The color has faded a bit but other than that they look ok, no rancidity yet! I have read that the shelf life for sesame oil is about 12 months so it will be interesting to see how they turn out to be in the next couple of months.


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