Hooray! I finally managed to make decent looking salt soaps. Here they are!

I used 50% liquids as percent of oils and thus had no trouble with pouring the soap into the mold. They are really smooth, especially hearts, even though I used coarse sea salt.


  1. Your salt soaps look and sound WONDERFUL. Let us know what they turn out like when they are ready to use! My first and only experiment (3 different bars) with salt soaps was ify... as they didn't cut well and I realized afterward that I should use individual moulds as you have! BUT..... even if mine don't look so great... I am LOVING salt soaps! The lather is wonderful and leaves my skin feeling amazing! You make nice looking soaps! xo Jen

  2. Heidi I love those it is something I have yet to try x

  3. and they are good looking too :)

  4. Thank you so much for your compliments! Jen, I too love salt soaps no matter how they like. They make skin feel so good.

    The heart shaped ones have 70% coconut oil, 15% sesame and 15% castor. To my big surprise they barely lather. They feel good but I personally like the 100% coconut more.


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