I have made some nice soaps with beeswax before so I have long wanted to also try some other kinds of waxes. I bought some Jojoba wax at Gracefruit a while ago but have not been able to find any recipes with Jojoba wax on the Internet.

So I contacted Gracefruit customer care and asked for instructions on how to use Jojoba wax since I was not sure if I should take the wax into the lye calculation or not. In addition, I was not able to find the SAP value for it anywhere. I was really happy when I got an almost instant reply telling that if the Jojoba wax is being used at more than five per cent, it should be taken into the lye calculation and the SAP value of 0.160 should be used.

I decided to try it with a very small amount at first. I also chose some affordable oils just in case something would go wrong.

55% Rapeseed oil
30% Coconut oil
10% Castor oil
5% Mango butter

6% Superfat

I added 2.1% of Jojoba wax as a percentage of the oil weight. So this time I did not take it into the lye calculation because I only used such a small amount of it.  

Oven hot process

After the cook, I added a couple of tbsp of Titanium dioxide diluted in a small amount of water. I was not able to mix it evenly as you can see in the picture. The soap came out surprisingly soft but that might be due to the high amount of rapeseed oil. I'll have to try this recipe without the Jojoba wax to be able to compare. Anyway, this soap has a wonderful dense and creamy lather but leaves a bit sticky feeling. That might change when it cures.


  1. I would love to hear more experimenting with the jojoba wax. I myself could be classified as a bit of a jojoba junkie. It's one of my faves!

  2. This is interesting! I've never tried it in soap. I'll be interested to know how it feels after some more curing time.

  3. Looks like a nice rustic soap. Oven hot method... is this like I do with my salt soaps? Put them in the oven for a couple of hours after pouring into the moulds? It looks like Hot Process. Hope the business is going well! xo Jen

  4. El jabón ha quedado precioso. La cera de jojoba es buenisima para hidratar la piel.

  5. Jojoba ist wunderbar in einer Seife und diese sieht sehr schön aus!

    liebe Grüße Dörte

  6. Interesting. When you say jojoba wax are you talking about the regular jojoba that is like an oil in consistency? Or is there are solid version?
    I love the look of the soap :)

  7. Thank you all!

    Jen: I am using oven hot process method described at

    Ambra: I used solid jojoba flakes.


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