If you have any chemistry related questions...

I wrote some time ago that I've got a licence to sell soap, which required that I would need to found a company. The company is called Saponina and that's our logo. (It's designed by Antonio who you are more than welcome to contact if you need a logo etc.)

I was very lucky when my sister Suvi agreed to join me in the soaping business. She holds a PhD in synthetic chemistry and even though we are using my recipes, she is able to provide all the information we need to be sure that our products are safe and that we adhere to the good manufacturing practice.

Now that we have finally opened an online shop, I realised that I really wouldn't have been able to do all this without you, my fellow soaping bloggers. I have learnt so much from your experiments! So we - me and Suvi - thought that we would want to give something back. Therefore she has agreed to answer any chemistry related questions about soapmaking.

So if you want to ask something about the chemistry of soapmaking, please post a question to the discussion board on our Facebook page. Suvi will be happy to answer all the questions she can!


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