It's been amazing the last five days. I participated in a crafts fair that had about 380 female exhibitors who sold mainly handcrafted items. During those days I met some wonderful and extremely talented female crafters and entrepreneurs. In addition, I received lots of advice and tips from more experienced entrepreneurs for my soap business. The atmosphere was really warm between the exhibitors.

My table is the third on the left.

I just love the older ladies, about 70+ years. They just came up at my table, checked out the soap and picked a few to buy. It seemed that I did not have to give them my usual speech about the benefits of handmade soap, because they knew all that perfectly well already. Most of them told me that their mom or aunt had made soap when they were young. I think it is amazing how soap in a sense can bridge the gap between generations.

This is my table.

There were also some other soapers exhibiting their products. Seeing their soap made me even more asserted with the choices that I have made: to use only plant based natural ingredients. The other soapers had beautiful soaps with beautiful bright colours and scents of yummy foods. Still I found the rustic and natural looks of my soap more appealling. And I sold really well too ;-)

My first attempt of cake shaped soap.

Ooops, I had one exception in my "all natural" policy. This soap cake had allergen free fragrance oil Dark Chocolate. I decided to make it so late that I had to use oven hot process. I mixed the scent only to the bottom and coloured it with cocoa powder. The top is unscented and uncoloured.


  1. Wow! Sounds like you had a super time, learned a lot, and sold lots of soap! Also sounds like you reaffirmed your soap identity and values which are so important. I have similar soaping values to yours. Your table looks beautifully natural. xo Jen

  2. I really glad that you had your conviction to do natural soap reaffirmed. I keep looking at all the colours and fragrance oils, but something holds me back. I just love the purity of keeping it all natural. Good for you !

  3. I'm with you on the rustic look, Heidi. Your display looks lovely and I hope you sold all your soap!

  4. Thank you Jen and Ambra. It's really nice to know you both who have same kind of values in soapmaking.
    Thank you Cocobong! And yes, to my huge surprise, I sold almost everything.


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