These are pictures taken by my 9 year old son on our way to my soaping room today. It's actually at my father's house so I usually take the kids along. It's a great arrangement because the kids get to spend time with their grandfather and I get a few quiet hours for soaping. Soaping is also a great excuse to check on my father who has not completely recovered from the cerebral aneyrysm rupture he had a couple of years ago.

The temperature here has been below -20 celsius degrees for weeks now. It has been too cold to make soap as I usually mix the lye solution outside. Today it was a couple of degrees warmer so I decided to finally make some batches for the upcoming market.

I think the cold had made me slow and dormant. I didn't remember where certain oils and additives were, filled in wrong oils in the lye calculator and struggled with simple percentage calculations. It took me almost two hours before the first batch was in the mold! But after that I started to wake up from the winter torpor and made three more batches: Coffee soap, Rhassoul clay soap and refreshing Eucalyptus soap. Let the spring (markets) begin, I am stocked up!


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