Couple of months ago the most implausible thing happened. I ran out of soap! I called Suvi and she volunteered to whip up something new for me. She knows that I just love soaps that give lots of really dense foam and that is exactly what I got.

This is perfect recipe for a basic everyday soap, because all the oils are easily available and not too expensive. Because of the dense and long lasting foam it is great for shaving. The texture is quite nice and even though the soap has very high percentage of castor oil the soap is quite hard.

I think the green color is really nice and matches with the little mysterious woody scent that she had mixed for this. I think I'm going to try this recipe but will make it yellow/orange with uplifting citrus scent.

17% Cocoa Butter
17% Castor oil
33% Olive oil
33% Coconut oil

Poppy seeds
Green Argiletz clay
Chlorophyll paste


  1. Can I ask what superfat you used and did you do a water discount? Does it trace quickly for you? This looks sublime and I don't usually use that much cocoa butter. I might have to try a small 1 pound batch.

    1. I used a 8% superfat and a small water discount, I think it was around 6%. The trace was relatively fast, but with a 4 pound batch I managed to get it to the molds ok.


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