I wanted to explore what coconut milk would be like in salt soap. This is the same recipe as The Pink Vanilla Salt Bar except that I substituted half of the water with coconut milk. I also wanted to see how the coconut milk would affect the color of the soap so I didn't use any clay in this.

I've had trouble cutting my salt bars so I planned to pour the soap into silicone molds. But again, I was too slow. The soap got really thick so I didn't get the molds completely filled even though I tried to force the soap into the mold. You can see it in the picture.

The color came out really nice pure white. However, the lather is really weird. It is really really dense and sort of chunky. However, it has not cured enough yet. I think I'll wait a month or so and then decide if I'm going to use coconut milk in my salt bars or not.