Wednesday, March 31, 2010


320g Coconut Oi
80g  Shea Butter
Water as 38% of oils
55g NaOH (=20% superfat)

300g Sea salt

Lemon Verbena FO

Cold process

This is a variation of the Pink vanilla salt soap which had 100% coconut oil, sea salt as equal amount as oils and 20% superfat. This has only 80% coconut oil and sea salt as 75% of oils. It is hard to say which one is better. This one is clearly not as sudsy as the 100% coconut oil. On the other hand this has more creamy and stable lather which I really like.

I used finer salt this time and cut when it was still hot, but the bars still came out crumbly. I think the only way to make decent salt bars is to use individual molds.

Monday, March 22, 2010


The idea of felted soap is to have both washcloth and soap in one. All you need is a bar of soap, some roving wool, warm water and a ribbed mat.

Making felted soap is fun and really easy! We did the felted soaps in the picture with the kids this weekend. It seemed that little hands were better at felting than bigger hands as my 4-year old proved to be a real felting master ;-) His soap felted a lot quicker than the rest of us. And while waiting for our projects to finish, he also had time to test his bar in action...

There are a lot of tutorials online on how to make felted soap. I followed the instructions by David Fisher.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I'm in love!

I never knew that my skin could feel so good. Salt soap is awesome! There are several recipes available online for salt soap. I tried the one with 100% coconut oil and used an equal amount of salt and oil.

500g Coconut oil
190g water
74g NaOH (=20% superfat)

500g sea salt
1tsp rose clay
10g Vanilla Bean FO

Cold process

I mixed the lye water and oils when both were 30C. At medium trace I first added the FO and then salt. I stirred with hand until thick trace and poured into a 1.5 litre milk carton. I left it at room temperature for about 10 hours. I cut it too late as you see in the picture. It got so hard that it was impossible to cut it into smaller pieces anymore. I also think that the salt I used was too coarse. I'm going to try more finely ground salt the next time.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


25% Apricot Kernel Oil
25% Cocoa Butter
25% Coconut Oil
25% Wheat Germ Oil

10% superfat
Oatmeal, milk & honeay FO
Rose clay

Cold process

The story of this soap started when I watched Billie & Wayne's excellent tutorial  on how to make a two color swirl using a PVC pipe and a divider. I didn't have a PVC pipe so I decided to improvise a little... I used a 1.5 liter milk carton and cut a divider from another milk carton.

Everything was going just fine until just before reaching trace I noticed a crack in my old faithful stick blender. The crack was in the stickpart and something dark brown was coming out of it into my soap!  I really really regretted putting the expensive oils into this one recipe. Although the batch was already ruined, I continued anyway just to try how the swirls would turn out.

I divided the batch and mixed the FO into the first one and clay into the other. I wasn't quick enough and the soap was already quite thick when I started pouring. By the way, the milk carton divider worked fine! Because the soap was really thick at this point, it was impossible to get decent swirls anymore. Still I tried to make some to see how they would came out. Since the swirl wasn't successful, I cut the batch into little hearts with a gingerbread mold (and of course the mold broke while I was doing it). 

Even though about all that can go wrong did, the soap feels really good. Too bad there is stick blender engine oil in it so I can't give it to anyone for testing.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


270g (30%) Olive oil
270g (30%) Apricot Kernal oil
243g (27%) Coconut oil
117g (13%) Shea butter

280ml water
120g NaOH (=10% superfat)
10g Sarsaparilla FO
Green Clay (Illite)

Oven hot process

This soap has a masculine Sarsaparilla scent . The recipe is the one I planned for my DH and that's why I named the soap "superhero"... I know, it doesn't look like a superheros soap. It said in the FO that it would discolour to tan. So I pictured tan to be much darker than this. I already have plans how I'm going to fix the looks to be more dramatic on the next batch. It's going to involve some activated charcoal and annatto powder...